Paint and Palette is a small business run by a local Rhode Islander, Kyla Laughlin, whose life’s passion has been dedicated to helping those around her and also creating art. Through the encouragement of others, Kyla, a Studio Art: Painting major at Rhode Island College, decided to start teaching monthly paint classes out of a local restaurant. After working out of the Fountain Street Grille at LeFoyer, Paint and Palette expanded to making home visits for these fun, relaxing events. The convenience and luxury of having in-home paint parties became a popularized idea for birthdays, family-friend gatherings, holiday events, business events, as well as bachelorette parties. Not only is Paint and Palette fun for all ages and occasions, Kyla is highly experienced in serving physically and mentally disabled individuals and extends these classes to community based programs that cater to this population. The friendly and non-intimidating energy brought into these parties gives any and every one the opportunity to create their own work of art. In-home or in-office paint parties are meant to turn your space into an art studio. Canvas, easels, aprons, paint, brushes, rags, trays and tablecloths are brought and set up by the instructor. The painting that is created for the event is based on your ideas and likes and is taught throughout a 3 - 3.5 hour session, breaking down the painting into easy to follow steps, giving the painters a nice break during the middle of the process. Homemade stencils are created to ease the pressure on first time painters making the experience completely about having fun and channeling your inner Picasso!


“The goal of Paint and Palette is to share all of the positivity that comes along with generating art. Each hand holding a brush creates a number of strokes, completely different from the next and that is the beauty of these classes, seeing the finished result and the amazing variations created from the reference painting. ”

— Kyla Laughlin